Do you need advice, or just someone to talk to? 

Goddessrootz wants to give females of all ages a chance to talk about things that you are going through in your everyday life, or just things you need advice or help with. Sometimes talking to a stranger is better than talking to someone closest to you. Goddessrootz is all about women empowerment and helping bring peace and happiness anyway we can. Send us your questions and a message about anything and owner Sheridan Chi will be responding to each and everyone of you as soon as she can.

"Talk To Us" will run for 4 months out the year


December 1st  The form will be shut down and we will continue next year! 

DISCLOSURE: Your name and email address will never be displayed to any of our platforms. 

Any email messages that gets displayed on our instagram or other platforms we will have your email address and name covered ALWAYS.